Circum-Arctic Coastal Communities KnOwledge Network

CACCON, the Circum-Arctic Coastal Communities KnOwledge Network is a pan-Arctic network of communities and knowledge hubs sharing knowledge and processes that lead to transformative pathways to realize ideal futures.

CACCON, in partnership with other Arctic knowledge networks and programs, including the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA) and Arctic-COAST, promotes consensus and collaboration to advance local knowledge availability and accessibility for adaptation planning and sustainable development in Arctic coastal communities and regions.

CACCON is established as a distributed network of local (community or regional) knowledge centres exchanging information, including data, technical capacity, adaptation strategies, or other types of knowledge including Indigenous Knowledge within the community or with peer communities in the circumpolar north.

Distribution of CACCON pilot sites and other knowledge partner communities engaged with the network.

Components of the CACCON agenda include:

  • integrative analyses of sustainability challenges in Arctic coastal communities using co-developed situational and sustainability indicators
  • solutions-oriented research for actionable, proactive adaptation policies in Arctic coastal communities
  • sharing insights among existing community-based research and resilience programs
  • responding to community-based agendas and building resilience by growing local and regional knowledge co-production and dissemination capacity.

As these activities support the Global Coastal Futures initiative of Future Earth Coasts, CACCON isĀ the Arctic Regional Engagement PartnerĀ of Future Earth Coasts.

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